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Frequently Asked Question



1) How to measure body and submit the measurement to Nilam?

We will provide a link to video tutorial on how to measure your body step by step with clear instruction and demonstration. You can then, enter the figure into the measurement form provided and "click" save once done


2) Why is it price quoted for most of the items always without fabric?

We prefer to give our customers freedom in choosing the fabric themselves. We will then quote the fabric separately according to type of fabric desired. To those who doesn't mind to splurge a bit on fabric we definitely can offer and suggest a fine material, but for those who is under tight budget, worry not we can also suggest affordable material for you. However, often finest material gives the most stunning and impeccable look.. So, by excluding it from our tailoring price, customer can actually customize the type of fabric. They can also opt to provide the fabric themselves. Other than that, different size requires different length of fabric. Hence, we definitely do not want to fix a flat rate for all as it might end up with some need to pay more for extra length that they do not need.


3) Why is it so few of ready made item available?

We are specialize in made to measure item. Therefore, we make the item upon receiving orders from customer. Hence, very few of ready made item. The ready made item that we carry in our store (if any), for the moment would be item that is practical to be worn daily (i.e basic long skirt, hijab, inner suit). So, if you have something in mind and it is not available as ready made item, feel free to send us message. We can discuss on the pricing to make the item that you want exclusively for you.


4) What is Nilam wedding?

Nilam wedding is a second main department under Nilam brand. We are also capable in supplying chocolate wedding door gifts, wedding "hantaran" creation, wedding essentials like hand bouquet and wedding event decorations. Items labeled under Nilam wedding are purchasable like any other item in this online store.


5) Why do we need to submit the measurement everytime placing a new order?

Human's body fluctuates often. Especially woman. You may weight lighter today than 2-3 days ago. Therefore, to ensure the garment to be a perfect fit, new and fresh measurement need to be taken and submitted everytime placing a new order. Further more, different kind of style or pattern requires different point of measurement. This is also to avoid unforgivable mistakes that could happen when making clothes. It will only takes a few minutes to measure your body and it is really worth it when the garment fall nicely on your body.

6) How is the item being priced? What are the things that being considered for the pricing?

There are many factors that being put into consideration before we could determine the price for each item. It is not as simple as it may seems. Some of the factors take we take into account are listed below;

For made to measure clothing

  • Design (Art and creative juice apply to the design to suit certain body type and personality)
  • Consultation (We will also do some research before hand so that we could propose the most suitable look for our customer, other than that we also can suggest the right material for the apparel. Wrong choice of fabric could ruin the look of the garment entirely, therefore it is very important to get the right fabric at the very beginning)
  • Sketch (By sketching the design complete with colouring scheme, customer can visualize the design clearer and it can also avoid confusion and misunderstanding, we will only proceed comissioning the piece after sketch is approved)
  • Sewing (Depending on difficulty level of the design and fabric type. Fabric with a lot of ready sewn beading, too soft, too smooth and complicated design requires plenty of time, works and patience, hence it would cost more)
  • Beading, Fabric Flowers & Other Detailing (Adding detailing like beading and flowers can enhance the look of a garment almost instantly. We are capable in providing impeccable detailing works. This will also add more cost in preparing the clothes)
  • Fabric
  • Alteration (Sometime the clothes may not perfectly fit during first fitting session, this is normal as different type of cutting and fabric use requires different kind of "kung fu"/technique. Therefore, eventhough the measurement use is the same measurement used for your other garment (and it's fits nicely), it is not always going to fit you perfectly always. There will be a little alteration needed. Alteration works would add up more cost too)
  • Travelling cost to seamstress place (petrol and money spend to send and picking up the garment from our seamstress house and send and pick it up again for alteration, altogether 2 set of back and forth trips)
  • Travelling cost to beader place (petrol and money spend to send and picking up the garment from our beader's place) 
  • Travelling cost to textile shop (petrol and money spend to scout for the fabric)

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