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Special Listing for Netty

Special Listing for Netty

This is special listing for Netty. Do not purchase if you are not Netty. Price quoted is for "kurung moden" with hood, multiple tier sarong and a little embelishment (beadings or flowers) and also a pair of "kurung moden" with cape and sarong rich with gathers. All designs are as per sketch provided. Fabrics will be supply by Nilam.

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Please read all before placing order.


Please fill up below measurement form. All measurement must be taken precisely on body in inches unit. Do not add any allowance unless stated otherwise. Contact us if you have question.


Please kindly send us your current most fitted clothes (preferably non-stretchable fabric like spandex, lycra or chiffon) , so that we could cross check with measurement provided by you via measurement form below to minimize error. Do not send loose fitting or oversize garment for sample. We will provide our mailing address after payment has been made for you to send us the sample.


If you decide to let us supply the fabrics, kindly contact us to get the price. We will provide separate invoice for fabric. In the meantime, kindly choose fabric "Supply by Nilam Boutique" at the drop down menu above if you wish fabric to be supplied by us.


  • Fabric scouting - 3 days
  • Pattern making and sewing - 3 weeks
  • Beading - 2-3 weeks
  • Fitting and alteration - 2 weeks

Nevertheless, please be inform that duration above is rough estimation only because it is also depending on type of pattern/cutting of clothes ordered, amount of work involve, difficulty in handling the fabric and our current workload.


Eventhough every aspects and every tiny details has been measured and taken into consideration in comissioning the clothes, we still feel the need to highlight our customers that ordering tailored made clothing via internet is never as same as buying clothes from physical boutique or store where you can actually try the clothes or get the seamstress to measure your body precisely.

Nevertheless we will ensure that all clothing will be sew according to measurement provided by customer, but we are not responsible for any ill fitting due to wrong measurement. Custom size provided by customers must be taken exactly on body. The measurement later will be adjusted by our seamstress based on pattern and cutting of clothes. Sample clothes are welcome, you can post it to us, but we still need the latest measurement for comparison. Hence, please kindly fill up the measurement form carefully.

Alteration service is also available contact us for the charge. Charge is vary depending on type of alteration.


Informations After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart.

  • A-Shoulder (measure from the back across the shoulders)*
  • B-Bust circumference (around the chest including breast with one finger inside the measuring tape)*
  • C-Sleeve Length (from shoulder to the length desired for the sleeve)*
  • D-Waist for blouse/top (bend your body slightly to left/right, to get your waist point)*
  • E-Chest Length (from shoulder to waist *point D*)*
  • F-Measurement between bust point (from tip to tip)*
  • G-Arm Circumference (measure at the broadest part-biceps and during measuring please insert three fingers inside the measuring tape)*
  • H-Armhole (create a circle by measuring under the armpit back to the top of edge of shoulder, to ensure comfortable fit take the armhole with one finger inside the measuring tape)*
  • I-Wrist Circumference*
  • J-Hip (hip circumference at the broadest part with three finger inside the measuring tape and try to move the tape in circular motion to ensure it is not too tight)*
  • K-Top Length (from shoulder to the length desired for the top/kurung)*
  • L-Waist for Sarong (near your belly button or near the waist part where you usually wear your sarong, it can be as same as *point D* or slightly bigger depending on the position of your sarong)*
  • M-Sarong Length (from waist *point L* to the length desired for sarong)*
  • N-Current Weight (in kg)*
  • O-Current Height (in meter)*

* required fields

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